Crypto currencies mines – digging digital currencies

You’ve probably come across the term crypto currency mines in the hustle and bustle of Bitcoin and the like. This is a way to support the crypto currencies and at the same time build up a passive income.

Basically it’s like printing money, but it’s private, legal and you only need a computer and an internet connection. But how exactly does it work? What do you need and when is it worth it? Blockchain-Hero enlightens you!

How can you mine crypto currencies with the help of

All you need to mine crypto currencies is the right hardware. You can use a PC that is already in your living room or create your own mining rig. The miners call the computers that have only the most necessary hardware for mining and have been specially manufactured for this purpose Rig.

The computer or rig synchronizes itself with the blockchain of the crypto currency and helps to create new blocks. If he is successful, he receives as a reward a few coins of the respective crypto currency, which are sent to a wallet. This is only possible if the computer or the rig is always online. Once the whole setup has been created, the mining is done passively and you only have to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

What should be considered the Bitcoin revolution with the crypto currencies mines?

The high acquisition costs have to be considered for crypto currencies mines. Mining requires powerful Bitcoin revolution hardware. Mostly it is about the graphics card or the ASIC processors. It should also be paid attention to which of these two the crypto currency actually needs. Apart from these one-time costs, mining consumes a lot of electricity.

Therefore a Mining Calculator should be consulted. This can give information about how high the profit is and whether the electricity costs are covered at all with mining. Thanks to the high electricity costs, especially here in Germany, the investment in the hardware usually only pays for itself after many months. If the costs for a single person are too high, one should think about cloud mining or the mining pool.